MATE competetition

This year the MATE Center and the Marine Technology Society ROV committee, they created the ROV competition as a goal to engage students in the STEM and provide more exposure toward science and technology fields, encourage students to work in a team to solve problem, and provide funds and resources to support students in their learning area. The competition is to challenge students to design and build  ROVs in order to solve ocean problems. There is three level of the competition’s class, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The MATE competition requires students to think of themselves as an entrepreneur and form their team as a company and create and sell their products. Students also require to build poster, write technical reports, and engineering preparations that will be examined by the judge during the competition. For ASEAN Regional will be held in Surabaya, Indonesia in April 2019. For this first round, I have been working on finding out about the sponsors and emailing the Mate information center.

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