Sanitation Exploration

What is Sanitation?

  • Sanitation is the process of managing the waste keeping environment clean and making people have a good health.

What is Constructed Wetland?

  • Constructed wetland is a treatment system that treat wastewater that build by people.

Why it is important?

  • Give home to animals
  • Save/clean the environment
  • Make people health healthier


  • Watering farm
  • Not smell
  • Make river or lake clean
  • Make water cleaner



  • No money
  • No land
  • Not enough education

On this exploration we went to some provinces to learn about sanitation and constructed wetland.

World Religion

Name of Course – World Religions
Learning Facilitator: Sophorn Un
Course Description: Students will be able to see the background of some religions in the world such as Islam and Buddhism. They will get more information why a religion exists, why people have different religions. Hence, they can open their mind to the varieties of religions that they will witness in the future.
Days of the week: Mon-Tue
Started date: Monday 28th October 2013
Finished date : Tuesday 14th January 2014

How I change Cambodia I

The thing that I notice that needs to change in Cambodia is education. Education is important all around the world. Everybody needs education especially the children around the world. In Cambodia we have government school and it doesn’t cost any money. It free to all the kids in Cambodia. But the problem in the school there not enough teacher and if we have teacher, some teacher doesn’t have enough education or strategy to teach the students. I wants to talk about the kids that do not have chance to go to school. It have many problem why they can’t go to school. One thing that I see is the most is they poor, so they make their children to work in the factory even their age not yet enough to work in the factory, sometime they make their children to sell flower on the road. It is so dangerous especially in Phnom Penh. They cross the road and the car and motors everywhere. They might get accident by car or motor crash and then they have to go to hospital. They need money to pay to hospital but their family is poor. Other problem is fisheries. Some kids went with their parent to find the fish at the ocean or river . It so dangerous cause the kids might fall off and get drown if they can’t swim. This problem mostly happen at Tunlay Sab lake, They live on the boat. Sometime they might get storm or flood.

2./3. I been told my friend how to recycle a plastic. Once my friend drink water from water bottle. After she drink fins=ish she threw the empty water bottle away. I told her that this is the plastic water bottle. It not broken yet we don’t want to waste the plastic a lot on earth. It take 500 year to decompose the plastic. That is a lot of year we will die and born and die many time. I told her how to recycle plastic to useful thing. Me and my friend took the water bottle and cut the top off and put soil in, and then we take flower seed and put it in the soil. One week later after we both take care and gave enough water everyday the flower start to grow bigger and bigger.

4. I take the baby step for example the plastic water bottle. I took a baby step I can’t go and tell all the people in Cambodia to recycle the plastic to useful thing. I told my friend first and it my baby step. Then is she knew she can tell her family and continues.

5. This year I think im not change yet. But I hope one day in the future I can change Cambodia.

Cambodia Economy

Tertiary Sector

Is the sector that providing the service to consumers and businesses.
These are some sectors in the tertiary such as:

Transport & traveling around
Tour guides

Energy sector
Renewable energy

Telecommunication sector

Transportation infrastructure (the basic physical structures needed for a city or country to work)
Better road

My reflection



Yesterday I learned about how Cambodian economy growth. The articles said that Cambodia is the country on the rise. I was so happy when I hear that even that Cambodia still the lowest economy in southeast Asia. Cambodia is in the middle of growing it means that Cambodia is going to grow and grow quickly over that past 20 years ago that was amazing. 7% growth in GDP each year that was a lot.


  • Export was increased by 16.2% that the same as 6.99 billion dollars
  • Garment export was increased by 17.3%
  • Footwear export was increased by 21.3
  • Milled rice export was increased 84% that the same as 379000 tons
  • Tourism was increased by 17.3 is the same as garment
  • Foreign investment in Cambodia was estimated at  1.22 billion in 2013


In 2013 Cambodia GDP was growth  7.6%. By the optimistic, we hope that in the future for 5 more years Cambodia will join the AEC which stand for ASEAN  Economic Community which will open new trade  market for Cambodia product. Other is Cambodia workforce will start from low wage for factory worker to have more service.


Cambodia have 53% of poverty population in 2004 but in 2013 the number was chang a lot into only 20% of poverty population. This morning I went to import and export expo on diamond Island. I met a lot of the people that went and show the product. The first product is sugar palm I was interested and my group go there. It from my province is Kompong thom. The lady tell me that the palm sugar is from Sun tok mountain in my province. She also said the poor people make it by them self and when they get money they take it and give it to the poverty people for help their family. Also they want to find the market to export to other country too but they don’t know. I went to another place is they make a fish like pro houk. They said before they find the fish but not clean very well but then they have a organization to help them how to protect their health to clean and was their hand properly. It call women fisheries. It come from Pursat at the Tonlesab lake and the women make the fish in to Pro houk or anything else. But we have the same problem again because they want to find a market to export their product.


ELC is stand for Economic land Concession. Cambodia have a lot of poverty like a half of the population. 2 things that cause that problem is :

  • have no land
  • Not have formal property right


In 2014 55% of rural families either have no land, or do not have enough land to grow a surplus of food. They are only growing enough food to help provide food for their families.

I think it has so many Economics land concession because the people don’t have the paper that they own that land but they live it a long time ago and the garment or other business came and take the land and build the factory. It causes a lot of problem to the people that live in that land example they have no land and also no house, no land to plant the vegetable lose their jobs. Nothing to provide the family, their children can’t go to school they help their family. If they have land they can grow the surplus and provide for the family and also they can sell it to the market and get money to provide anything that their family needed. Also , he children can go to school until university make their future bright and help country develop also their family too.



In our exploration, we divided to four teams. In each team have 3 members. My team name Cambodia Phone Holder (CPH). The reason that our group choose that idea because a lot of people have a problem with their phone for example if they put the phone on the desk and someone come and they didn’t saw the phone so they might step on it or sit on it. Our design creates by 123d design. Then we print our product in the 3D printer. The 3D printer is is a machine that use plastic to create something.

Here is our website that we create:

This where we learned
This is where we learned
This is what it look in the 123d design
This is what our product look like
This is my team
This is my team


Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology

Exploration Name: Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology (Eco 4)

Date: August 13 – October 03

Number of student: 12

Essential Questions:

  1. How are organisms and the non-living environment interconnected in the world around us?
  2. What is the value of TROPICAL FOREST for Cambodia?
  3. How do humans IMPACT tropical ecosystems in Cambodia?
  4. How can we use our knowledge about ECOLOGY to help improve Cambodia?


Kong Kong ( 1 week)

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center  (1 day)


In Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology we studied about the Ecosystems in Cambodia and all around the world. We also learned about the many Ecological Relationships in  ecosystems.

In this exploration we want to change Cambodia by giving Cambodian people the knowledge about the forest and the animals in Cambodia from our experience. We also want to protect the animals in Cambodia from the hunter also to help save the endangered animals.

Our exploration took a trip to Koh Kong to learn more about forest in Koh Kong. When we were there we went into the forest and we slept at the campsite.On our trip we walked in the forest, swam at the waterfall and slept in the forest. We also went to Mangrove forest and then we came back to Liger. We also took a trip to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center to learn about the siamese crocodile and the moon bear and sun bear. At there we met a lot of people from Free The Bears and Flora Fauna International and they taught us about the animals in the zoo.

In the classroom we learned a lot of things and we worked on projects in small groups.   Our projects were about Ecological Relationships, different biomes around the world, Food Web in Koh Kong, Makey Makey Project, and Science Museum Blog. Our highlights are to understand how important the plants and animal are. Also to know about different organizations that help the animals and to understand clearly about their goal and how can they help Cambodia.

Here some of the link that I been did in class:

My exploration have been created the blog about our class: