Changing Cambodia III

Time flies fast, new experiences, new people…. Right now I’m currently studying in high school. High school life is difficult. During this 2016-2017 I guessed I have change Cambodian more than last year. I learned new thing and experience new things such as working with people in the community. Sharing my knowledge with the community and children are very fun.

What is an amazing experience? Working with all my creative, genius and friendly members of Preventative Health Exploration. This was a totally new experience for me. I think this exploration was so different from the other ones I’ve been in because this exploration was when I could show my knowledge in class, and at the same time, I could try a lot of new things such as snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, I enjoyed teaching the students about preventative health. At that time, I could see a big difference of presenting to the Juniors and to the students at the community on Koh Rong island. Also, learning about health is very helpful and I like doing it. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other young Cambodian students that don’t have the opportunity to us. Working and playing with those kids brought me joy. I respectfully believe that they will pass out the information and knowledge that my team members taught to others, especially their family and neighborhood. It wasn’t just about having fun but also I got to talk with them about the problems they currently face in their daily life and helped shared ideas in order to bring solutions to them.

One of the best experiences in this exploration was exploring coral reefs, seagrass, many biodiversity and other ecosystems. Marine life is one of the major ecosystems on earth and I think everyone deserved to understand about it more. Understanding marine biodiversity is very important for a number of reasons. The importance of marine biodiversity falls into a few categories such as Adaptation, food, habitat, and climate. Adaptation is biodiversity allows the environment to adapt to changing conditions, as has been the case since life was created. Food is a very important commodity that can be provided by our oceans including fishes, invertebrates, and algae. Very few of the world’s fish are utilized commercially and thus, the oceans are a source for unutilized resources. The marine environment supplies many kinds of habitats that support marine life. Marine life depends in some way on the saltwater that is in the sea. A habitat is an ecological or environmental area inhabited by one or more living species.

My third rounds exploration was Game Design. Game design is an exploration that invented the Climate Change board game. The ideas of this board game are to help students in Cambodia to understand more about climate by learning the impact of climate change and implement solutions to it. In the game, we will move to the future which is the year 2500 and the world are faced with a huge problem. That problem is climate change. Climate change causes natural disaster such as tsunamis, droughts, and floods that will cause sickness to a lot of people on in the world, face with starvation and homelessness. You and your other three friends will have to travel back to in time to change history and save our future. You have to study hard, value your education, and build solutions in each province in Cambodia to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, rescue our country and the world from natural disaster caused by climate change. Not just focusing on building the game our exploration also learning in-depth into climate change that our world currently faces. I loved working with the government school students by teaching them about the game and sharing information about climate change also. As what my teammates and I observed while working with the students, none of them knew anything about climate change. So, by playing through this game it helps them to understand deeply about it. I love seeing the students are having fun while playing the game. Even though I can’t share my knowledge to all the government school students but I’m proud of making a small change in Cambodia.

Changing Cambodia II

This I have change Cambodia by teaching some of Liger lesson to teacher and students in government school. PBL/STEM is my exploration. Project-based learning is an educational method that involves inspiring students in problem-solving and investigative activities to gain deeper knowledge, skills, and experiences; giving students the opportunity to actively explore challenging questions and real-world problems outside of the classroom resulting in realistic products, solutions or other outcomes. My group have been to some government in Kratie province and some others government school in Phnom Penh. This is my great experience and I am very happy to change Cambodia by sharing my knowledge and experiences to others. Also I got to meet other great students and teacher and it is a cool way to be better by listen to their creative idea and experience. I found out that there are many talented people but we just don’t know about them and don’t know how to show their talent.

How I change Cambodia I

The thing that I notice that needs to change in Cambodia is education. Education is important all around the world. Everybody needs education especially the children around the world. In Cambodia we have government school and it doesn’t cost any money. It free to all the kids in Cambodia. But the problem in the school there not enough teacher and if we have teacher, some teacher doesn’t have enough education or strategy to teach the students. I wants to talk about the kids that do not have chance to go to school. It have many problem why they can’t go to school. One thing that I see is the most is they poor, so they make their children to work in the factory even their age not yet enough to work in the factory, sometime they make their children to sell flower on the road. It is so dangerous especially in Phnom Penh. They cross the road and the car and motors everywhere. They might get accident by car or motor crash and then they have to go to hospital. They need money to pay to hospital but their family is poor. Other problem is fisheries. Some kids went with their parent to find the fish at the ocean or river . It so dangerous cause the kids might fall off and get drown if they can’t swim. This problem mostly happen at Tunlay Sab lake, They live on the boat. Sometime they might get storm or flood.

2./3. I been told my friend how to recycle a plastic. Once my friend drink water from water bottle. After she drink fins=ish she threw the empty water bottle away. I told her that this is the plastic water bottle. It not broken yet we don’t want to waste the plastic a lot on earth. It take 500 year to decompose the plastic. That is a lot of year we will die and born and die many time. I told her how to recycle plastic to useful thing. Me and my friend took the water bottle and cut the top off and put soil in, and then we take flower seed and put it in the soil. One week later after we both take care and gave enough water everyday the flower start to grow bigger and bigger.

4. I take the baby step for example the plastic water bottle. I took a baby step I can’t go and tell all the people in Cambodia to recycle the plastic to useful thing. I told my friend first and it my baby step. Then is she knew she can tell her family and continues.

5. This year I think im not change yet. But I hope one day in the future I can change Cambodia.