Statistic: Study Design

As you all might probably know what Khan Academy is, I won’t go in detail about this learning source. Mainly, Khan Academy is a free online source, build by expert-creators, that provide free online courses, lessons, and practices; where students able to freely learn anything from different levels.


This school year I encountered a class that became one of my enemy but also a best friend. My math teacher provided me with two statistics’ books; textbook and workbook. In addition to the learning resource, my math teacher introduced the class to a course in Khan Academy called Statistics and Probability. Statistics and Probability is a giant course but the Khan make the course easier by break them down into a list of unit including: analyzing categorical data, displaying and comparing quantitative data, summarizing quantitative data, modeling data distributions, exploring bivariate numerical data, study design, probability, counting-permutations-and combinations, random variables, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and significance tests (hypothesis testing). Therefore, the study design is my favorite


Based on the skill I have mentioned above, not every unit was hard as it sounds and not every unit was easy as it pronounced. Therefore, the study design was one of my favorite and challenger. Study design unit was categorized into discrete skills such as: comprehend statistical questions, perceive sampling and observational studies, recognize sampling methods, and discover the type of studies (experimental vs. observational). I have learned that the experimental/research/study design is much more than a statistic. Experimental, research or study design is the core of good research exploration. With the obligation of all of these skills, I understand that it will guide me in every experiment with good data collection, discover statistical analysis, and capable of interpreting the results. I believed in the fact that proper sampling method, collecting data, investigating results, and writing report properly will serve a path for the reader to identify the study design.


Chapter 3: Example Relationships

Moving on to chapter three in statistic textbook, we learned about the relationship of scatterplots, correlation, and the least-squares regression. The scatterplot is the most common and effective way of showing the relationship between the two quantitative variables. On the scatterplot display one variable of the horizontal axis (the X-axis), and another variable appears on the vertical axis (the Y-axis).  In the horizontal axis, we usually plot the explanatory variable (independent variable) and response variable (dependent variable) on the vertical axis. Correlation is a type of statistical measure that includes two or more variable shift together. Correlation is also a strategy that shows how strong the variables are related. Regression line or line of best fit that are being plotted in the scatter graph is shown to display a relationship that can possibly be used in order to predict the values of one variable as a guide to finding another unknown variable.

The Limiting Reactant

The limiting reactant or can be called as limiting reagent is the reactant inside the chemical reaction. The limiting reactant tells the amount of product that can be makeup. We use the limiting reaction in order to find a possible solution to calculate the theoretical yield of the chemical reaction. In a chemical reaction, there is a limiting reactant because compound and elements react the way it is based on the mole ratio that is between them when we did the balanced chemical equation. What’s being called an excess reactant is the remaining leftover when the limiting reactant is complete.

To understand more about the limiting reactant topic, our chemistry teacher prepared us a lap called ” The SMORE Lab”. We used chocolate, marshmallows, and crackers to make s’more. We start off with
1. Writing the balanced equation for the making of s’more.
2. Define the type of reaction.
3. Record the total piece of the reactant.
4. The maximum production of s’more and give a reason why.
4. Figure out which is limiting and excess reactant.
5. Figure out the mass of each reactant on the scale.
6. Record the theoretical yield (mass) of s’more.
7. Make the s’mores
8. Write down the actual mass of one s’mores

We know which reactant was limiting because when we make three complete s’more, the pieces (cracker and chocolate) run out first. We then figure out the excess reactant because when we run out of chocolate and crackers, there are marshmallows left.

Chemistry: Density Lap

In Unit 1, we did a lab experiment about coins density. Density is a characteristic property of a substance. The density of a substance is the relationship between the volume of the substance (how much space it takes up) and the mass of the substance. We can calculate density by taking the mass of the substance and divide it by the volume of the substance (D = m/v). This explains that the objects with different mass but the same volume have different densities.

This lap provides an introduction to the concept of density measurements. Our goal for the density lap was determined the method of finding the density of the coin by using measured volumes and masses to calculate densities then evaluate the result by using error analysis. My chemistry teacher, Ellie, gave me five twenty cents Singaporean coin and let me figure out what is the type of metal the coin made out of. My hypothesis was I think that the metal of twenty Singaporean coins is made out of nickel because the coin was sinking went it is in the water. I then created my own procedure of finding the density of the coin and figure out what type of metal does it made out of.


Here is my procedure:


  • Have all of these materials ready: 5 twenty cents coin, a medium graduated cylinder, paper towels, scale, and the dripper.


  • Weigh the mass of the five coins
  • Take a medium graduated cylinder and add the sink water to (… ml) it’s helpful to have a dripper in case you wanted an accurate volume of water
  • Let the cylinder sat still for a few seconds
  • Drop the coins into the graduated cylinder slowly and let it sat still for a few seconds
  • Measure the new volumes
  • Take the initial volumes of the water and subtract the new volume of water
  • Plug in all the value needed for the density equation  (plug in the weight of the five coins into mass, next take the difference of the volume and plug it into volume and you’ll get density)
  • Make sure to be careful with the accuracy of the water volumes and the sig fig division.




───── = Density



  • Repeat the same following steps and try out with different water volumes



In conclusion, my hypothesis was supported because the real metal that the coins was made out of is nickel plated steel. In addition to the trails, some unavoidable errors in this lap are that the measurement of the water volumes in the graduated cylinder is never accurate and reading the scale correctly. Moreover, some types of avoidable errors that can be avoided during the lap are: add higher volume in the graduated cylinder so the volume of water stays precise when dropping the coins in, repetition; make sure to dry out the coins before doing another trial otherwise the changes of the volume would not be precise.  


Pchum Ben (បុណ្យភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ)

At the end of this round, we have our Pchum Ben breaks and in Khmer class, our teacher has taught us the culture and custom of the Pchum Ben Ceremony.

Pchum Ben is one of the most important holidays in Cambodia. During this holiday, people around the country will visit their hometowns and gather with their family. Besides going to the pagoda, people also travel to places with their family and enjoy their little break from works and schools. Throughout Cambodia, myself and other Cambodian have a really deep respect toward our parents, grandparents, and our ancestors. Each year during the end of September, there is a festival called “Pchum Ben”, which is a 15 days festival where it is a time when we honor our ancestors. For the first 14 days of Pchum Ben, we called it “Dak Ben”. During these days, people will go to the pagoda because we believed that our deceased relatives are waiting at the pagoda for food. Before taking food to the pagoda, children need to prepare food for their parents. This is because “What you have at home is more powerful than the god in the pagoda. Who are the gods in your house? They are your parents.” Cambodians value our parents as precious gods. The right time for bringing food to the pagoda is not later than 11:00 am because the monks will not allow eating after 12:00 pm. For every early morning of the festival, around 4:00 am, people will prepare small rice balls at the pagoda. Outside the temple, people will throw the balls of food. We believed that our ancestors, who committed sins, that are not allowed to enter the temple, will eat the food that was prepared by their descendants. On the 15th day, is the most important day of the ceremony and the last day too.

The ancestors will get mad at us if their spirits don’t see their relatives bringing food for them at the pagoda, they will get really mad and curse the relatives with bad luck.

Getting familiar with unit circle

After two weeks of SAT Boot Camp, we are back to our regulars essential classes. For this round in math class, we focus on getting ready for the real SAT. We practiced the different set of problems and lessons. In the first earlier week, my classmates and I came across Unit Circle; which most of us already have some background knowledge about it. The unit circle feels overwhelming at first but as soon as Jeff teaches me the trick, the unit circle is not that stress to work with.


Black Lives Matter Poem


Black Lives Matter Poem

Standing on the same ground,

They always told me that white is hope

And black is stain

They always told me that white is light

And black is rain


Growing up in the same community,

They say I’ll never get it

Even if I tried

They keep throwing object and rocks

Every time I passed by


Rolling on the same ground,

They say the grasses would be greener

If I move aside

They told me it will be better

But they lied


Opening my eyes under the same sun,

My eyelids are feeling heavy

Without any clue

My eyes are filled with tears

With the deepest blue


Reaching out for hope,

They say I should give up and go home

don’t be awake

They say I should cover myself up

Because I was born as a mistake


Wandering through thoughts,

My mind is filled with painful memories

I close my eyes

For the next second, minute, and hour, I’ve realized

I deserve better


Waking up as the sun rises,

I refuse to say I am blind

Am not blind

I get up and walk out to the world

Feel the fresh air around my mind

Believing in myself that,

I am self-sufficient, I’m tough

And Mighty

I am not a robot, I’m amazing

And lively


Screaming for peace and hope,

I believe that everyone should be treated the same

And let no one tell you different

I believe that everyone is bond together

And fight for the present


Continuing living my life,

I will fight

I will fight for my own right, my people right

I will fight against discrimination

I will fight against racism

I will fight against corruption

I will fight every second, minute, hour

And I will fight against power

Black Panther

Name: Samnang Hor

Class Period: D

Date: 03/04/2017

Topic: The physics of Black Panther


What is the superhero? Superhero is a character in a movie or story that has the special abilities and uses it to help others in need. He or she has the abilities and power to fight the evil, fly and helping people who are in need. Superheroes are everywhere in these present days because their stories mostly apprehend the important truths about our human nature.

One of the brilliant superheroes of all the others is the Black Panther. The Black Panther originally comes from a ritual title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe of a fictional African nation called Wakanda. From the Black Panther trailer, Wakanda nation is the “most technologically advanced nation in the world.” T’Challa father, the previous king of Wakanda, was killed by Ulysses Klaw during giving a speech at a UN conference. After the death of his father, the prince returns to his technologically advanced home (Wakanda nation) and officially became the king of Wakanda. Not long after the return, Black Panther enemy reappears and building up conflicts and dangerous risks to the entire world. The power king and all of his allies put in strong commitment, defeat the evil enemy, and create security for all of his people. But what power does the Black Panther has to defeat the powerful enemy?

As Wakanda located in East Africa, this place is the essential element of language, cultures and rich natural resource. In the Marvel Universe, Wakanda is an environment full of minerals and a rich substance called vibranium. To the science behind the Marvel Universe, vibranium is a metal that is capable of observing vibration and waves. Many superheroes used vibranium to create their weapons and armor. IN the movie, Shuri, Black Panther’s sister, was the engineer that uses vibranium to create the Black Panther’s suit that store kinetic energy, which bullets from the enemy bounces off the hero. According to Kakalios, a physicist and astronomers at the University of Minnesota, he stated that “In the Black Panther, blasts absorbed by a vibranium suit would have to go somewhere. Energy can’t be lost and suggests a phenomenon called sonoluminescence, in which waves are converted to light.”

In most of the Marvel Universe, vibranium has the honor of being special and was considered as the least understand materials in the fictional Marvel world. It is well known in the Captain America’s shield and the Black Panther’s suit are made out of vibranium to absorbs kinetic energy. “T’Challa’s senses and physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels by the heart-shaped herb.” Black Panther is a great warrior and the king who save many people and bringing peace to Wakanda. He has the ability to master plan the battle with the enemy and every step of his plan will always highly achieve his goals and the protection of Wakanda kingdom.

Research Paper – Hera

Name: Samnang Hor

Class Period: Lit A

Date: 19/03/2018

Topic: Hera The Greek Goddess


Hera’s Roman name Juno, known as the ‘Queen of the ancient Greek Gods’, ‘The Queen of Heaven’, and ‘The Queen of Olympian Deities’. She was the Greek goddess represented the ideal of women, childbirth, marriage, and family. People knew her as the most beautiful and powerful goddess. The goddess Hera ruled overs the heavens and earth, she is responsible for every aspect of existence, including the seasons and the weather.  Hera had super strength, immortality, and opposition to injury. Despite being the goddess of marriage, Hera had the ability to bless and curse marriages and also competent to protect women from rape, death during childbirth, and help preserving the health of all women. Olympus is where she normally resides since she is the queens of the gods. In the ancient time, Hera image is found mostly in households and around the hearth.

Hera was the daughter of Titans Cronus and Rhea, the king and queen of the Titans. She was born on the riverbanks of Imbrasons, under a willow tree. Samos was believed to be the birthplace of Hera. A large sanctuary, the Heraion, was built on the spot of her birth. This was one of the oldest temples in Greece. When Hera and her siblings were born Cronos her father, scared that his children would someday overthrow him, so he swallowed all of them. one of his children was going to kill him, so he swallowed all of them, including Hera. Later on, when Zeus was born and grew up he killed Cronus and freed his brothers and sisters. Hera had five siblings, three brothers (Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus) and two sisters (Hestia and Demeter). She’s then married to her younger brother Zeus, the King of the Gods.  Hera has four children, Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, Ares, the Olympian god of war, Hebe, the goddess of youth and Hephaestus, the Olympian god of Metallurgy.

As mentioned above, Hera was swallowed after birth by her father, Cronus. Her other four siblings suffered the same fate. Rhea, a Hera mother, managed to save Zeus, the youngest child. Zeus later then rescued his brothers and sister by giving his father a potion that caused him to vomit all of them up. Some myth says that Hera was raised by the Tans Oceanus and Tethys. Others claimed that she grew up under the care of Temenus, who ruled the region of Arcadia in Greece.  As Hera became older and more beautiful Zeus decided to made Hera his wife. Afterward, Hera became a mother. She was the mother of the great hero Hercules. One day Hera was envying her son Hercules so out of jealousy she places poisonous snakes in his crib but before the snakes could advance on him he woke up and casualty strangled them to death.

Hera’s symbols are the cuckoo, it symbolized Zeus’ love for her because Zeus was disguised in a cuckoo when he conquered her.The plants associating to Hera include the lily, poppy, stephanotis, cypress, coconut, iris, white rose, waterlily, maple trees along with all other white flowers. Gems and metals that represent Hera are silver, pearls, garnet, citrine, amber, diamond and star sapphire. Hera used the weapon of love and compassion to defeat even the meanest allowing them to become nicer and loving. The silver pin and bronze ax head have been inscribed with a dedication to Hera. Some of the most known Hera’s symbols are the peacock- an ancient symbol of immortality, the scepter, and the diadem. There are also some small symbols such as the lily, the cow, the orange tree, the apple tree, the Salix, the fig and the myrrh. Hera means “lady”, She is depicted as stunningly beautiful. The animals that represent Hera are the cow, eagle, crabs and other creatures with shells. Hera was considered so incredibly beautiful even topping the beauty of Aphrodite. Her sandals, chariot, and throne were all of pure gold. She wore a high, cylindrical crown. Hera’s revengeful nature was taken out on anyone questioning her beauty as taken out on Antigone and Paris. The queen was serious about her looks and no one would be more desirable.

The Heraia was a festival dedicated to Hera. Like the Olympic Games, this festival contained athletic competitions and was held at Olympia. Nevertheless, only women were allowed to compete at the Heraia festival. Daedala is other ancient Greek festival. Daedala, ancient festival of Hera, consort of the supreme god Zeus. The Daedalus was celebrated on Mount Cithaeron in Boeotia (in present-day central Greece). Hera was the patron goddess of the landscape Argolis. In Olympia, her temple is even older than that of Zeus, and games to her honor were held there for women.

Hera marriage to her brother Zeus in order to cover my shame of being taken forcefully. It started going Zeus fell in love with her but courted her unsuccessfully. Zeus then one day transformed himself into a cuckoo and flown out of her window and pretended to be freezing cold. At the sight of the bird, she felt very sorrow and pity so she took it inside and held it to my breast to warm it. Zeus then transformed himself back to original state and took advantage of Hera. She was so ashamed of being “exploited” that she had agreed to marriage which took place at the Garden of Hesperides. The sacred wedding was celebrated with honors and sacrifices and lasted for 3000 years. Everyone welcomed Hera as their new Queen, singing hymns and giving many presents to her.

Hera’s role became one of the ideal wives, and her marriage to Zeus became the prototype for monogamy. As much, as a symbol of compulsive jealousy, Hera endeared herself to the love of many families and wives alike. She was very protective to the affairs of such people. Her jealousy was not only powered by her indignation at being left out at the initial division of the universe, but also to the endless revenge on Zeus’ many lovers and their families. Her constant emotional conflict with Zeus was redolent of the inconvenient assimilation between the invasion of the followers of Zeus and her own indigenous goddess cult. Her worship is sometimes dismissed as a “fertility cult”, largely because religious practices deteriorated under new influences.  Hera herself, on the other hand, was very faithful to Zeus in the means of sexuality, but didn’t obey her husband which was also important for marriage in Ancient Greece’s culture.

Words Don’t Define You

Words Don’t Define You

By.. “Samnang Hor”

Clothing and styling have had a significant effect on self-esteem and confidence. Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health, and overall self-confidence. Clothing is used to conserve privacy also be an expression of your personal identity and national culture and customs. For example, short skirts, small shorts, or any revealing tops are not very common in Cambodia, but traditional Cambodian fashion clothes define our culture and customs.

But things become different in these recent years, more trends and fashion are approaching society. For the past recent years, Cambodians have adopted more trend styles from the Western, such as Italy, France, Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

In the modern society, it is frequently to see young adolescent females wearing revealing clothes such as short skirts, tank tops, crop tops, or any revealing apparel. Do all of these girls be notified of positive reactions? Or it is all about insulting in negative aspects.

Going to work, school or outdoor, those girls and women often wear makeups, stylish fashion dresses, shorts or skirts. These people consistently get negative comments from men and older people. Those comments and criticisms are all about the revealing clothing are attention-getting and sexual attractions. For Cambodians, wearing this type of clothes (revealing apparel) means opposing the formal Khmer, cultural dressing styles. In school, female students are wearing short skirts cause a distraction to male students from studying, and teachers to provide a low condition of education.

On March 29, 2010, a report from the Phnom Penh Post news article has stated that “more than 100 people who came out to urge Khmer women to dress modestly.” In addition, San Arun, a Secretary of State for the Ministry of Women’s affair, has also stated that “Wearing short skirts and sexy clothes cause rape to occur, because all men, went they see white skin, immediately feel like having sex.”

Instead of telling women to stop wearing revealing clothes, why don’t we all start a marched against human right and male perpetrators who rape women and young child, the men who commit violence in his family each day and night or male teachers who sexually harass their female students?

A sentence Cambodian usually said it out loud everytime a woman wearing revealing clothes walking passes them, “wearing sexy clothing can cause traffic accidents”. By that those people are commenting on how wearing revealing clothes catches attention and distracts drivers on the roads.

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartners is a psychoanalyst of clothing. She recently published a book called You Are What You Wear. This book concerns body image issues such as dressing too old or too young for our age or too big and small for our size. You Are What You Wear is all about media’s sexualization of women. The book is the guide of having confidence in your appearance and being your true self. What Dr. Baumgartners is trying to emphasis on is how allowing the readers to feel understood and that she is not alone.

Media is a very powerful place to promote culture and custom, but it can also be very harmful. Young teenagers now get a lot of effects from social media, these teenagers will follow what they heard and saw projected in the media. In 2002, Prime Minister Hun Sen banned pop stars in Cambodia from advertising in revealing clothes when they appeared on television.

Quoted by Agence-France Presse (AFP), our prime minister Hun Sen said:  “These singers who like to wear sexy clothes look like they have not enough clothing. Don’t bring them on to TV, let them sing in nightclubs or restaurants. This is not Cambodian tradition, and we have our own rich traditions and culture.”   

In the present day, society has a tendency to jump to a quick and judgment in the name of propriety. In these few decades, there are a lot of painful public shaming of how women wear revealing clothes and how girls wear makeup to impress boys. This has been a really big discussion issue around the world, and more than likely, if you’re a woman, you’ve encountered all of the effects and judgments.

A makeup artist quoted, “We don’t wear makeup to look pretty. We wear it because we enjoy the process of putting it on. The ‘natural look makes us cringe & bright colors are more fun. We don’t do it for the boys, we do it for ourselves. Eyeshadow is our drug. Sephora, Ulta & MAC are our dealers. repost if makeup isn’t just materials, but your passion.”

We realize that society is very judgemental and complicated. Just because somebody dresses or looks a certain way doesn’t mean that’s how they are, people have different styles and tastes. Everyone has the right to express themselves. We’re living in a world where judging has become that nasty, even cough people can’t seem to get rid of. Life is too short for it, let’s lift people up instead of bringing them down.

Dedicated to all girls and women, every morning when you wake up, tell yourself to not worry about what others think of you because people’s words don’t define you. Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined. No matter how old or young you are, no matter how tall or short you are, no matter how curvy or slim you are, no matter how or who you are. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, whatever makes you feel confident and buy clothes the size you want to wear.

Make your own definition of beauty.