Liger Campus Tour Guide

This expertise is guiding and training liger students on greeting new or returning guests and visitors to Liger Learning Center. It is important for the student guides to represent the Liger Core Values as they explain the physical layout of the campus as well as the educational model and goals of LLC. The goal of this is being friendly, polite, and informative. The tour includes talking about explaining how long students have been at Liger, where they are from, and a little about the selection process (students selected from all over Cambodia).  Students must explain that at Liger we do Project Based Learning, which includes something called, “Explorations”. An exploration is usually a group of students working on a project with a Learning Facilitator for about seven weeks. Sharing personal fun facts and make sure the guests feel more than welcome. 

Singing with Trish

Every Wednesday afternoon, all senior students are having this singing class with our name Trish. What is singing? And how does singing helps? Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist. It’s a great way to keep in shape because you are exercising your lungs and heart. Not only that, your body produces ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins, which rush through your body when you sing.




Investigation – Making Organic Pesticides

In my investigation expertise, I’m making two organic pesticides from tomato juice and microbial organic pesticide.

Aphids on plant

  • What are aphids?
    • Known as plant lice is a small sap-sucking insect. Aphids are soft-bodied insects that use their sharp sucking mouthparts to feed on plant sap. They normally take place in colonies on the underside of tender terminal growth. Heavily-infested leaves can turn yellow because of more than necessary sap removal. Aphids produce very large amounts of a sugary liquid waste called “honeydew”. The main predator of aphids is ladybug and lacewing. This two main predators will appear on the plants when there are heavy aphids infestations.  Aphids are among the most destructive (negative, very harmful) on the plant in temperature regions (Cambodia). They’re having the high ability to in numbers by asexual reproduction. The damages they do to plants has made them enemies of the farmers all around the world. There are thousands of aphid species exist in this world. This insect is so small when they extend their wind they can float for hundreds of miles on the wind. Aphids are most commonly in green color but they also can be red, brown or black.
  • Why does farmer hate aphids?

Farmer hates aphids because they do so much damaging to the crop. It uses its sharp mouth by pierce the vascular systems of the plants to feed on their juices. They extracted the protein but excreting sugar because their bodies don’t need it. This remains is called honeydew and many other insects and bugs such as ant lap its up.

  • Natural Enemies
    • Ladybugs
    • Hoverfly
    • Crabs spiders
    • Neuroptera
  • Relationship between red ants and aphids

The relationship between aphids and ants is symbiotic in that both receive some benefit from the arrangement. Aphids help to protectants from its predators. So how do aphids help ants? Aphids feed ants food and submissively allow themselves to move if the ants require them to relocate. Farmed ants produced larger drops of honeydew and more offspring. This sweet sticky thing stuff is a favorite food for ants, where it also take it back to feed larvae. 

  • Intersection observation
    • Soft bodies with sugary water
    • Tiny legs
    • Baby – brown color
    • Adult – darker brown with bigger body
    • Not really develop
  • Why use tomato juice to repel aphids? Tomato plants are part of the nightshade family. It contains alkaloids such as the aptly named tomatine. Tomatine can effectively control aphids and another insect.


Marketing Expertise

Marketing is the communication and exchange of an idea to an audience with the purpose of building long-term relationships and lasting value.

Themes for this Expertise:

Providing a powerful reason for someone to buy Liger goods or take action to donate to Liger

    • Building the Liger brand


  • Thinking creatively about how to market goods & services
  • Practicing ethics in marketing by being honest, fair & responsible


Cooking with Matt

As I’m moving to senior apartment, myself and other students are having a big responsibility. One of the responsibility is cooking. We have to cook two meals a day and breakfast on the weekend. Before moving to senior campus, we had this cooking lesson with our head chef. The cooking lessons include food hygiene, kitchen safety, and how to cook food (of course XD). 






In this class, we learn some basic Spanish words like number etc….
1 – Uno
2 – Dos
3 – Tres
4 – Cuatro
5 – Cinco
6 – Seis
7 – Siete
8 – Ocho
9 – Nueve
10 – Diez
11 – Once
12 – Doce
13 – Trece
14 – Catorce
15 – Quince
20 – Veinte
100 – Cien

I did one activity is I have to choose one country that speaks Spanish and tries to find interest place where we can go visit on holiday or break time. This is my favorite interesting point in Argentina:

  • Iguazu Falls
  • Los Glaciares National Park
  • La Boca, Buenos Aires
  • Parque Tres de Febrero
  • Florida Street

Networking Skill

In this class, there many topics of networking like how to talk on a phone in many kinds of situation, meeting, tour guide etc… One of my favorite networking skill is a tour guide. Everyone in my school has to know how to tour new visitor that visit our school. Here are our goals of tour guide.

Goals គោលបំណង

  • Be friendly, polite, and informative.
    ផ្ដល់នូវមិត្តភាព សុភាពរាបសារ និង​ចែករំលែក
  • The whole tour should last about 20 minutes.
  • Most of the time there will probably be two of you giving the tour, take turns giving information and be respectful of your partner when he/she is talking.
    គ្រប់ពេលវេលាដែលអ្នកកំពុងនាំភ្ញៀវដើរមើល អ្នកត្រូវមានគ្នាពីរនាក់ ដាក់វេនគ្នាក្នុងការផ្ដល់ពត័មាននិងត្រូវចេះគោរពគ្នានៅពេលដៃគូរកំពុងនាំភ្ញៀវ។
  • When the tour is complete, the visitor should have a clear idea of where things are located, as well as what goes on at LLC and why.
    ពេលនាំភ្ញៀវដើរមើលចប់ ភ្ញៀវគួរតែមានគំនិតមួយថាតើរបស់នេះនៅឯណា ថាតើឡៃហ្គ័រនឹងយ៉ាងមិចដែរ ហើយហេតុអី។

Advanced Reading

In this expertise, I have a chance to do my homework or doing the math. I also read my level book is Ramona which is my favorite book. I have time to do my say and mean for my vocabulary word and my difficult word to the pronoun.

This is the book that I’ve read:



Current Events

I have three classes of current events. In this class, we learn about hot news that is very important whether in Cambodia or all around the world. I really enjoy learning in all of those classes because I got to learn new things and knows what is happening in the world. In this class, we also practice our English reading skills and we try to find the definition of all the word that we didn’t understand.