Olympic Day

Once a year, Liger held an event call Olympic day. The Olympic day is a day when every Liger student and staff doing the different activity that was already set up. There are four teams, each team has to come up a flag design and a name. Those team will compete in each different activity to earn points as much as possible. At the end of the day, there will be the announcement of the winner and give out the trophy. 


Theatre of the Oppressed


“The Theatre of the Oppressed, a term coined by Augusto Boal, is a series of theatrical analyses and critiques developed in the 1950s. Boal was an avid supporter of utilizing interactive techniques, especially in the context of theatre. Many of his ideas are considered as “a new media perspective”, despite the relatively early birth of these ideas. Since then, these ideas have been developed more, giving them meaning in a modern-day context. The creation of the Theatre of the Oppressed is largely based on the idea of dialogue and interaction between audience and performer. Moreover, these ideas have served as a framework for the development and evolution of stronger ideas.


The smart turtle performance

The Smart Turtle is a group that goes and performs at many schools. A couple weeks ago this group went to my school to do the performance. I really enjoy the show. This show teaching me to never forget your past and helping each other is very important to everyone.

Pchum Ben

“October is the month when Cambodian people celebrate the festival of Phchum Ben. Together with Khmer New Year in April, Phchum Ben is the most important festival in the Khmer religious calendar. Cambodians have faithfully observed the festival every year for as long as anyone can remember.
The word ‘Ben’ in Khmer means to collect; ‘Ben’ also means to cup or mould cooked rice into portions. To ‘Ben Baht’ means to collect food to give to monks. The word ‘Phchum’ means to congregate or to meet together. Regardless how busy they may be during the fifteen days of Phchum Ben.

Cambodian people try not to miss a visit to the pagoda to dedicate food and offerings to the dead.
The festival’s final day, September 28th, is the actual day of Phchum Ben, when people traditionally meet together at the pagoda.

By doing this, Cambodians show respect for their ancestors. Everyone goes to the pagoda every year to honor this tradition, and nobody complains.”

Resources: http://www.tourismcambodia.com/tripplanner/events-in-cambodia/pchum-ben.htm

Hour of code

I have join Hour of code with my friends at my school. Hour of code is one hour of tutorial of basic coding. This event happens every year and everyone in the world do it. Some of the students of my school are the host of this event at my school. I liked this event because I learned a lot of new thing from code. It teaches me how to solve a problem quickly and in good ways.

Vuthy help me with some code issues
Vuthy help me with some code issues

Football at ISF

On 21st May, my school my school have a soccer competition with ISF school. This is the second competition with ISF for a girl. I really enjoy this competition because I can understand learn about my weakness and make my mistake better. Win or lose it not important for me but having fun is important to me. It not about you strong or good at football what this all about is encouragement from friends and family. My feeling always feel better when I have someone by my side and cheer me up.

Technovation 2016

Technovation is a global women competition to solved society problem by building an application. I had to join Technovation 2016. We have 12 weeks to submit this project to judge at the US. To join Technovation we have to form up a team from three to five members or more. My team has three members and our team name LikeCon. Our team has coming up with a lot of ideas. Then our final idea was to build an online library where you can read Khmer books and English books with both fiction and non-fiction. Also, we added a donation button where people can go and donate books to people who don’t have enough finances to afford books. we have to have 100 words description, pitch video, demo video, business plan and app prototype. I really like this competition because I got to meet the new friend and learn the new lesson about life.


Cooking with Matt

As I’m moving to senior apartment, myself and other students are having a big responsibility. One of the responsibility is cooking. We have to cook two meals a day and breakfast on the weekend. Before moving to senior campus, we had this cooking lesson with our head chef. The cooking lessons include food hygiene, kitchen safety, and how to cook food (of course XD). 





Kep trip

On 31 March 2016, my school has a field trip to go to Kep. This is our second whole school trip. Kep is a very beautiful province with a beautiful beach and forest. All of the students and all of the staffs were going too. We leave at 11:45 am we were leaving Liger with two buses. One was the really big bus with 45 seats and other small Liger bus with 25 seats. I’m on the small bus with my others 11 friends. My bus was the first one to leaves but we arrived kept late than other because we got lost. We stay at Jasmine Valley which a very beautiful resort on top of the mountain. We have five houses four house is four students and the other is for kitchen staffs. My house was far from the others. I experienced many adventures like the weather is very hot, ants in a bedroom, no electricity. But all of those experience makes me happy. The day we divided students into four teams, plant, flower, tree, seed. On the afternoon on each team have a mission to a treasure hunt. The treasure was hidden by our facilitator. Each team has a GPS to find the treasure but our team has only two or three gaps. I love my team so much because we collaborate together very well and we have a lot of encouragement to our friends. The next day we went to Rabbit Island. We were spending one night at there. I swam whole days there. I love this trip so much because I got to hang out with my friends and experience many new things also learn from it.