Youth Film Festivval

I’m currently in an exploration call Youth Film Festival. In this exploration, my teammates and I are working on creating a new film festival that will be host in Phnom Penh later on this year. Our big mission for this year project is introducing filmmaking to government students in order to bring more growth to our film industry. This will also provide students their future possible careers and to start on something new. Creating a film will allow students to express their thoughts or problem in society. We have worked toward to open up a workshop that our members will help to work with them in the basic of scriptwriting, film producing, and film editing.


We have the plan to travel to several places to host the film workshop for specific high schools in Cambodia. We have planned that our workshop will last for three days, and the submitters will require to submit their film during the workshop. With this aim, there will be top four films from each school will be showcased during the event day and with other additional films from the Phnom Penh area.

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